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Tantra is an ancient Hindu practice. The skill is in developing ways of delaying orgasm and manipulating our ability to control the climax. In Tantra the body is the vessel of truth and according to prophet Ratnasara "He who realises the truth of the body can come to know the truth of the universe”.

Unfortunately, Tantra cannot be shown or experienced in public. This is the only art which exists at the moment of its experience and only between two people. The reality is that you are really lucky if you have the chance to meet in your lifetime a “Tantric artist”. They are very rare people. They are not taught by anyone, they are born with the sense of Tantra and they know this for sure.

Tantric massage is just a massage, like any others (well, a lot more pleasant). But it employs techinques and principles derived from that ancient wisdom which in our days is being slowly recovered and is once more changing lives all over the world.

This is one massage that just does not fit into the conventional picture of a massage. No grinding, twisting, chopping, drumming, pinching. Only caressing, stroking, light, gentle and sensual, all on the nerve endings of your skin, yet profound to your very heart. Loving touch sending pleasant vibrations through your entire being while you are in a state of profound relaxation. There will be a lot happening inside you that you will not be aware of. The only thing you will be aware of for the whole duration of the massage, is intense pleasure, comfort and beauty. There will be scores of positive emotions.

A Tantric Massage is an Art
and a Unique Experience

Last updated Nov 2010.

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